We are really happy to announce that on 25th June, 2016, we successfully distributed some clothes to to the peoples of Dhading, who are still in need of care and suffered a great by last year's unforgettable earthquake. Along with clothes and apparels, we went to distribute hardcover note books and pens (educational materials) to support pupils of Shree Sitala Devi Primary School, Phulkharka. We are specially thankful of our supporters and international donors, for lending your helping hands, to support throughout. People of Phulkharka and Dhading are still in ... Read More

Helping hands for Nepalese Society (HHFNS) alleviates poverty and suffering through Nepali requested projects in medicine, education, and water supply. HHNS also accepts special one-time-need projects. Recognizing the need for sustainable development, HHNS works directly with Nepalis.

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Helping Hands for Nepalese Society is established to help upbringing the lifestyle of the underprivileged women and children due to their poor economic status. By organizing various programs, we aim to raise funds for their children's education, women health,and to help ... Read More

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Mr. Ram Chandra Basnet , Managing Director Had a more then One decked years working experience In Tourism Sector . He had been work in Tourism Sector since Last 2003 years. He had a sound knowledge of trekking guide, canyoning & other multi adventurous outdoor activ ... Read More


we seeks to improve global health through education of the local health workforce in resource-scarce countries. Our volunteers are highly qualified professionals who build local capacity by empowering local health providers with knowledge and skills to address the needs of their communities… Read more