Our Objectives

Organization’s Objective:
Following will be the objective of this organization.

  • This organization will be non-profitable and will work for the social wellbeing of the people.
  • To contribute in the development of the physical infrastructure of the school and other physical infrastructure, and to contribute education to the students who are financial weakned.
  • To initiate different trainings and skills to the people living in the rural areas.
  • To identify the children with a poor financial status and provide needy healthcare.
  • To organize different welfare program and to initiate consulting in education, health, and enterprise. Initiate to provide free legal help to the children and women.
  • To organize a program to reposition children and women suffering from violence.
  • To initiate a program to support economically, socially, and legally for the children and women suffering from human trafficking and other sexual harassment.
  • To initiate use of locally available resources
  • For the fulfillment of the above objective, we will work in hand to hand with the organization with the same objective.